Child Benefit is a payment that you can claim for your child. It is usually paid every four weeks but can sometimes be paid weekly. There are separate rates payable for each child. The payment can be claimed by anyone who qualifies, whatever their income or savings

Who can get Child Benefit?

If you're responsible for a child, you can normally get Child Benefit for them - even if you're not their parent.

You can get Child Benefit even if your child doesn't live with you, as long as:

  • you pay towards their upkeep
  • what you pay is at least the same as the amount of Child Benefit
  • the person your child lives with is not getting Child Benefit for them

If you and another person both claim Child Benefit for the same child, only one of you can get it.

Child Benefit payments usually stop when your child reaches 16, unless they are in education or training that counts for Child Benefit. For example, an advanced course at higher education level - such as a degree - doesn't count.

You can't get Child Benefit for your child once they reach the age of 20.

Where to get the claim form

There are a couple of ways of getting a claim form. You can:

  • get one from the 'Bounty Pack' that's given to new mothers in hospital
  • fill in a Child Benefit claim form on screen and print it out - you'll still need to send it to the Child Benefit Office
  • download and print a copy from the left hand side of this page

You can also print out a blank Child Benefit claim form in Welsh, if that’s your preferred language, and fill it in by hand.

If you have any problems completing the form on screen, you can call the Child Benefit Helpline.

You can also get the claim form from the Child Benefit Helpline if you have problems getting hold of one.

Who to Contact
0845 302 1444
Child Benefit page of HMRC website

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